INDEX: Easy & Affordable Program Management for Development Aid Organizations of all Sizes

  • Complete configurable & customisable solution for development program management & reporting
  • Cloud-based “Software as a Service” – nothing to buy or install
  • No development time – see the INDEX benefits immediately:
    • Improved management & financial control
    • An end to information chaos & overload
    • Improved inter-agency and partner coordination
    • Customisable  management, stakeholder and partner reporting (including dynamic website displays)
    • Improved efficiency all around
Manage your information pyramid from top to bottom

Without INDEX:

Project information scattered across 100’s of emails, spreadsheet and pdfs

Info flow is:

  • slow
  • fragmented
  • error-prone
  • costly to process

Constant reformatting means that THINGS GET LOST or OVERLOOKED




Getting started

We help get you get started using INDEX as smoothly and quickly as possible:

  • Training
  • Remote support
  • Historical data conversion
  • Form conversion – your staff can transition easily from paper to online forms
  • Report conversion – we can reproduce your existing report formats so INDEX can produce them automatically
  • Custom programming and modifications to suit your organisation
  • Links to your existing or new external web pages for display of your data on INDEX
  • Links to your legacy systems
INDEX is being / has been used successfully in: